BLUR: Understand how BLUR can help you challenge the norms that are boxing in your business

Traditional boundaries everywhere are being blurred and it’s driving transformational change across a multitude of industries.  Blur is now at the center of disruption and is sparking collaboration and innovation rooted in creativity and the denial that the status quo is always the way to go.  Media, sports, music, television, fashion, retail, hospitality, food and beverage, auto and tech are all being impacted positively by embracing this concept.

IEGWORLD 2019 will explore blur through the eyes of those who have done it.  You’ll not only see what was done but understand the psychology and culture necessary to unlock its power in your business.  Your participation at this event will inspire and enable you to see things differently while emboldening you to challenge the norms that are boxing in your business. 

Through the thought leadership we provide and the people you’ll meet – blur can change your world, too.  

Thank you to these companies who are supporting the execution of the 2019 conference.

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